Sometimes you just want to buy them all -- and now you can! We have sample sizes of every soap we offer, for you to purchase in packs of 8! You choose the 8 scents, which are placed neatly inside special sample tray packaging.


I use premium essential and fragrance oils which compliment each other, and never overpowering. 


I have these ready to ship!


Thank you for supporting my small business!




Scent Options:


Memories of Drive to Work
Perfect Peony
Clean Shave
Sweet Pea
Chocolate Almond Espresso
Le CocoVa
Grapefruit & Lemon
Monkey Smarts
Cool Suede
Modern Cowboy
Magnum P.I.
Raspberry Sherbet
Captain Crunch Berry
Blueberry Pancake
Black Tea Latte
Pineapple Surprise
Brown Sugar Apple
Chocolate Espresso
Chocolate Cherry
Summer Picnic
Caramel Apple
Sugared Lemon & Lavender
Summer Lemonade
Island Escape
Ocean Shores
Oatmeal Stout
Lavender & Cedarwood
Sage & Mint
Vanilla & Patchouli
Bergamot & Mandarin
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Happy Camper
Spicy Success
Spring Bloom
Customize your own scent!

8-pack of sample sizes

  • goats milk, essential oil, fragrance oil, mica powder